Visual Literacy Essay

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Final Project This “Final Project” will reflect the use of typography, images, the use of colors and varying shapes and dimensions to communicate visually an ad for a coffee shop thanking patrons and welcoming new customers to the store and celebrating the holidays with an offer of free coffee. The image is meant to deliver and capture the attention of shoppers with both an offer as well as a clear understanding of the store location, type of store and that it’s a gift from us to them for the holidays. [pic] There are several messages being relayed in this flyer/ad as well as assumptions. This flyer ad is being delivered in a shopping center or outdoor mall where branding and reputation among the patrons is assumed. Within this flyer the color scheme does not seem all that festive and in the usual holiday green and red. This was intentional by design with the exception of the color for the gifts. Berger (pg.92) talks about color and deriving meaning. Included in that is shapes based on the context. In addition Albers in his book Interaction of Color (1971), talks about relationship of colors being similar to that of words and have crucial importance. The importance of using the brown/tan colors in the flyer demonstrate branding and staying in theme with the “Big Dripper” coffee house. The use of the colored presents was to grab attention of those picking up the flyer or have someone actually notice the flyer to pick up and see that there is something going on. The graphic of the coffee pot with the cup of warm coffee and coffee beans would let people immediately know this flyer is about a warm cup of coffee or at the very least for a coffee house. The other image is the gifts wrapped with bows. Brighter colors were used intentionally to draw the eyes of the readers to the presents. This flyer was being delivered on or

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