Visual Elements Essay

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Bar and Neta (2007) noted visual elements images are broken down by our eyes. Color, line, texture and shape make up these elements. They help the brain recognize objects when they are seen by our eyes. Line: We use a line in visual perception like using a pen to outline the object. The line is an important tool because it is used daily in drawing or writing. This is accomplished by moving our eyes in several directions. It proposes sequence when it begins at one point and ends at another (Bar & Neta, 2007). The lines used in paintings by artist in the form of shape allows us the clearly see the objects. These lines are difficult to categorize because they tend to be grouped according to origin or thickness and tend to be zig-sag, curved, diagonal, vertical or horizontal. Color: According to Brown et al. (2011) colors are the wave-lengths that is produced when light is stimulated. The red are the longest while the blue are the shortest wavelength. As the white light from the sun absorbs the object it makes seeing colors possible. Brightness, saturation and hue are colors of dimensions (Brown et al, 2011). As the color change so does the hue. As the object gets brighter the light is intense. Brightness is the term that refers to the intensity of the stimulus. Shape: The closed lines contain man made or nature made shapes. These shapes are categorized by two or three. The shapes that are geometric tend to be oval, square, rectangle, triangle and

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