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Visual Art Lashanda Bennett ART/230 August 16, 2012 Christa Menninger Visual Art Visual and performing arts enhance our lives in many ways. When spanning from things inherent in environment for example, such as the instance of a sunset, sunrise, or possibly a full moon, to the most mundane and apparently inane example of body piercings or an arm tattoo. Art constitutes myriad meanings, converting distinctly from one individual to the next. Among its broadest categories although, apart from visual arts such as painting - music, theater and dance relates to an important aspect of performance art. Painting, of course, is a pattern of visual art which has long taken a famous place in the art world. Artists articulate their sentiments and ideologies through brushes and paint indulging in these said worldviews and inspiration by way of paper or canvass. More than creativity, the control and esteem needs an allowance of coherence and structure on the artist’s part .The use of watercolors for example, is possibly the trickiest and toughest intermediate to expert or 'dabble in ' where decorating is concerned. Watercolor Painting instructs the artist’s proficiency with the brush, and the dainty balance of blending the colors with the aforementioned liquid. Oil paintings on the other hand, emerge to have the utmost deepness visually than any other decorating intermediate, and the notion of oil on canvass habitually rings a famous melody where the subject of art is concerned. But creative individuals who decorate by the said intermediate agreements with the example of its untidy method, of the somewhat obnoxious stinks it yields, and the extending time span of time by which it dries-out. The converse of which, is possibly that of acrylic, which takes a much quicker time to dry, thereby dictating the time by which the creative individual is to

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