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Visual art is a part of the Humanities field because it is used to add beauty to our lives. I also believe that visual art has many other relations that could be connected to humanities. Art is used in our lives daily in multiple ways. We see various amounts of art each daily wherever we may go from the clothes that people where to the hair styles they carry. Paintings, drawings, agriculture, music, even construction are all forms of art. The particular piece of art I will be talking about is a Renaissance sculpture created by the Italian artist Michelangelo between 1501 and 1504. The marble sculpture is intended to be a depiction of the biblical hero David. What moment in the biblical story of David and Goliath does the sculpture capture and what about the sculpture transfers this point? I believe that Michelangelo’s sculpture would capture a brief moment before he took action against the giant. Could David possibly be contemplating his actions against the disrespectful uncircumcised giant? I believe so; another probability could be that he is praying because the Bible informs you the David is a man of faith. Another possible setting could be later in David’s life because he appears to be a developed mature male. Donatello’s portrayal of David to me is shallow and misrepresented. This posture of David doesn’t imply that he is strong, masculine, and deep individual. I see Donatello’s bronze David sculpture as a childish and simple depiction of him. The setting of this sculpture would have to be after the confrontation with Goliath. David is shown standing on top of the giant’s severed head posing with a mysterious smile which I honestly don’t understand. This piece differs from the marble sculpture in the type of material used as well as detail used throughout; also, his hair has length in Donatello’s illustration and he is wearing a hat and boots wielding Goliath’s

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