Visual Argument Analysis: Global Warming

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Taking Action Against Global Warming Global warming is a frequently talked about topic in today’s society. It has already started to take an effect on our universe and is a challenge that the United States is being faced with. “The U.S. produces nearly a quarter of the world's greenhouse gases each year and has stubbornly made it clear that it doesn't intend to do a whole lot about it”(Walsh). The United States needs to stand up and take responsibility for it actions and develop a plan to fix it. Both of the images of Time magazine cover titled “How to Wine the War on Global Warming”(Hochstein) and “polar bear clinging to a shrinking ice floe”(Wood 9) make it a point to express the importance of global warming and the issues that we will be faced with due to it. The image on the cover of Time Magazine by Arthur Hochstein, shows a replica of the World War II photograph of the Rising the Flag on Iwo Jima taken by Joe Rosenthal. The photograph on the cover of Time magazine depicts the same concept but instead of the soldiers holding the flag they are holding a tree, suggesting, “the steady deterioration of the very climate of our very planet is becoming a war of the first order”(Walsh). This image appeared on the cover of Time magazine volume 171, number 17. Time magazine usually has a red, white, and blue cover; interestingly enough this particular cover was in green, indicating the importance of global warming in the United States. The title on the cover read “How to Win the War on Global Warming.” The image was intended for all people of the United States. Time magazine is available to just about everyone in the United States. The magazine can be found in grocery stores, libraries, bookstores, doctor offices, and in many other places. Time magazine’s intentions are to familiarize its readers with events and controversial topics within the United States. The
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