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Chesca Lapay WEEK 1 HORNE * Step 1: Understanding Context: What background information do you need to know in order to read this image intelligibly? * How much gas prices were compared to now. * The saying “ I’ll give you my arm and leg for it.” and what it means. * How most people won't give their first born for anything. * Step 2: * What Do You See? * A gas sign with the analogy of how much each grade cost. * What are the key details or features here that stand out? * The gas prices being an arm, leg or first born. * What images? * The image of a gas sign. * What text? * Text detailing on how expensive each grade is. * What supporting details? * Cash or Credit. * Step 3: Identifying the Issue(s): Based on the picture it presents, what issue does this visual seem to be referencing? * The issue of how much the prices of gas is skyrocketing. * What debate is it part of? * If gas prices are priced way too high for the average working civilian. * Step 4: Defining the Perspective: What side in this debate is this visual taking? * The side that claims that gas prices are way too high. * What perspective on this issue does this visual seem to take? * We should try to find another source of fuel since gas costs are too much. * Step 5: Defining the Argument: How do we know what side of this debate the visual is taking? * By the metaphors on how much each grade cost. (Leg , Arm , or First Born) * What specific claims about this issue does the visual seem to be making? * All gas prices cost are not affordable. * Step 6: Thinking in Terms of Audience: What sort of response does this visual seem to want

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