Visual Anthropology Image Of Childhood

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The picture that I am looking at is one from my childhood. This is a typical baby photo which was clicked by my father when I was about a year old. I was held by my mother in this picture (she’s not in the picture) to support me as I wasn’t quite able to walk or stand back then. I feel it’s one of those lovely memories which everyone would like to hold on too, although it’s not a perfect picture of my childhood but it explains a lot on how I was when I was a baby. Here, I am looking at a picture which was taken more than 19 years ago and I barely remember anything from back in time to be honest. This thus brings up the question of was this really my childhood? In this photo, I am being supported by my mom for picture which was taken by my father. I know about this picture through a few conversations I have had with my family over my childhood while sharing beautiful memories. The setting of this picture is a normal weekend where my parents are playing around with me when I woke up from a nap. I am smiling and am happy as a baby should be. I am looking right into the camera, although I wasn’t aware of anything like a camera or whatever it does back then, it’s just the curiosity that drived me to look into the camera and of course my charming dad. Behind was my mother who was trying to hold me back while I try to stand and pose for the photo and cheering me up for the picture. When I was a baby, my family used to live in the Railways Quarters, as my grandfather used to work for the railways. It was fairly a nice house and this picture was taken there in the bedroom. I am smiling in the picture, which also implies to me that I was actually in a good mood at that time. I don’t quite remember much so I have to rely on these photos and conversations of my family members to actually visualize those moments I had lived in my childhood. Patricia Holland, in History,

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