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Your task is to find a print or online advertisement or picture that uses an image to promote a product or induce an emotion / reaction in the viewer. Study the visual carefully using the checklists provided at the bottom of this page. Write a brief essay (two pages, no more or less) analyzing how your choice uses its visual elements to persuade its viewer to accept its message. You will submit your analysis as a written document. Include a copy of your chosen image with the write-up on it, and be sure to choose an image that has at least a couple features so that you can provide a substantial discussion. Questions to help you find an ad or image that catches your eye and provides good detail for analysis:  What is your first impression of the overall meaning and impact of the image?  How do visual elements contribute to its overall effectiveness. In other words, how does this image get its meaning across without the use of language?  What elements appeal most strongly to viewers / readers?  What seems most important about the image? Specific questions to help you with your analysis once you have chosen an image: Visual analysis / seeing the big picture  What is the source of the image? What is its purpose and audience? (this is something you may need to infer, and that's okay.)   What prominent element in the image immediately attracts your attention? How and why does it draw you into the image?  What objects are included in the image?  What elements, colors, or shapes, contribute to the overall design? What feeling, memory, or association does the design evoke?  How does the image use space? Does it include a lot of white space, or does it seem cluttered and busy? Interpreting the meaning of an image  What general feeling do you get from looking at the image? What mood does it create? How is this feeling / mood created by the image?

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