Visitors Are Welcomed in Any Time! Essay

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Visitors are welcomed in any time! The unforgettable journey that I have ever had was when a strange thing came to visit my house. It was not a human nor an animal. It was a gi,i,i I can't utter its name. A horror movie was represented many years ago in my house! The director of the movie was our house maid . She was from Africa, and she was about 23 years old. All of my family members were actors , but my sister was the main actress. In this essay I will share with you my lovers " The most terrifying journey that I have ever had ". Four years ago, a new maid came to my house. We all welcomed her, as we do usually with any visitor. We had lived one calm year with our new maid without any problems. Suddenly, everything changed at that night! A dreadful movie began to be shown in our house when our maid started to scream! All of my family quickly wake up and I remember my mother when she opened the door of our room abruptly. The surprise was that our maid was in deep sleep as if nothing had happened in that night! The next day was like any normal day ,but !! my mom had noticed something strange in our maid. She was very sad not as usual. The next night, when all of us were asleep, my older sister was studying using her laptop ,suddenly our maid took a deep breath and uttered a strange language and then returned to sleep .My sister did not care about what had happened and she got ready for sleeping. After she fell asleep, she dreamt a bad dream .In the following day, my sister had some doubts about her dream if it was a dream or truth. In the evening, I was studying for an exam then I decided to complete studying at dawn. At that night I really didn't sleep well because of the anxiety of the exam and suddenly I woke up and saw a woman whose face was half covered by my older sister's blanket sitting on her!! I was totally frightened and without any thinking I pulled
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