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Visiting Australia Have you ever wanted to visit a country where the people were genuinely friendly, the site seeing was breathtaking, and the weather was amazing? The first place that comes to mind, for me, when thinking of these things, is Australia. I have always wanted to visit the land Down Under, and hope to do so one day. Of all the countries in the world that I could visit, I cannot think of one with more satisfying rewards. Traveling to Australia would allow me to visit a country that has many benefits, of which most importantly include very welcoming inhabitants, spectacular scenery, and gorgeous climate conditions. When people think of Australia, they think of lush rainforests, lagoons, golden beaches, deserts and lush vineyards that share the landscape with easygoing, friendly Australians and Aboriginal Australians. First of all, the indigenous people of Australia make the desire to visit very welcoming. They are incredibly accepting of everyone. They would allow the trip to be especially informative because of their warm hospitality and acceptance of outsiders within their culture. I believe this to be true with all Australians, from the Aboriginal tribes to modern civilians. It would be particularly enlightening to view and interact with the Aboriginal tribes because they have been completely dependent on the land and have not been affected by modernization. In addition to the natives, the crystal clear water, bright green foliage and crisp fresh air are a few of the many attractive qualities of spectacular scenery. Sites like the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, as well as cities like Melbourne and Sidney, would be magnificent places to see and visit. They are very different to any location within the United States and would be a welcome change of scenery while visiting. Also, sharing the land with some very fascinating animals

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