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A Visit to the Synagogue The synagogue visited was Congregation Ohr Ha Torah; Lubavitch Education Center which is located at 6619 Sardis Road, in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was during the Friday night service on April 30th, 18 minutes before sundown. This service is known as Shabbat, the Sabbath for the Jews which begins sundown before the day of rest. All Jewish holidays begins the night before at sundown. It is an Orthodox Jew congregation. Rabbis host the service and others participate as noted. Orthodox means that they try to uphold tradition from back in the Holy times. The area where the service takes place is called the Sanctuary. It contains the Holy Ark; where the Torah Scrolls are kept in front of the synagogue. This is the holiest place in the synagogue. The Torah is kept in the Ark with the Five Books of Moses which are written by hand. There is a lamp burning continuously. This signifies the ever presence of God and the Jews undying faith in God. The podium is located in the center of the sanctuary. The Torah is read here as well as prayers led from this location. The Lectern is located near the Ark where the Cantor leads the prayers. The Menorah (candle holder) is located on the Lectern. The Partition is in the Sanctuary. It separates the men’s and women’s sections of the Synagogue. The principle is to establish a relationship between one’s self and God. Men of the congregation should be focused on the service and not on the women of the Synagogue. Jews believe that prayer is a service of the heart and is one of many ways to express loving God. A person may pray in private. It is preferred that one joins a congregation in prayer. Praying while swaying back and forth like a candle lit is considered to be attempting to connect with the Divine source. Another explanation for this is that Jews should involve their

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