Vision Quest And Lord Of The Flies Comparison Essay

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The Truth? In the book Lord of the Flies and the movie "Vision Quest," the characters Simon and Louden are identical in some ways while remaining unique in others. Most of these similarities and differences can be identified as physical, social, psychological, and emotional traits. All of these aspects can lead us to believe that if someone truly believes in something, they will fight for it until the day they die. Socially, Simon and Louden are both misunderstood. The rest of the boys on the island think that Simon is "queer," or strange (pg. 55), and Louden's entire high school thinks he's crazy to take on the state wrestling champ. These facts demonstrate how the majority of people don't take the time to understand their fellow individuals and their motives. It also shows that they prefer to steer clear of people who are different in any outstanding or obvious way. On the other hand, Louden has a few close friends that he hangs out with, whereas Simon is a bit of a loner and spends most of his time in his secret place. (pg. 56) It is…show more content…
Louden eats virtually nothing to make the right weight for wrestling and Simon refuses to eat meat that is offered to him. (pg. 74) These examples show the dedication that citizens can have when determined to complete a personal mission. Additionally, it illustrates the strength of human will. Despite that similarity, Louden reaches his goal of becoming the state champion and beating his rival, Shute, and Simon ends up getting killed. In a sense, Louden is triumphant while Simon suffers the ultimate loss. This makes evident that no matter how much you anticipate something to go right, there is always the possibility that it will literally blow up in your face. Because of this, many people are led to believe that something is not worth the risk of failure. It boils down to us having to face our fears in order to achieve some of our biggest
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