Vision in My Life

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VISION AND MISSION OF MY LIFE “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” This has become very meaningful to me that I have seen over and over again in my life is that many great and small things can be accomplished when person has a vision. In other words, someone who has a mission and vision sees a good situation ahead of him and takes the necessary steps to get to it. Mission involves goal-setting on both the short- and long term. If the goals are well chosen, they will develop or encourage commitment, motivation, achievement, and fulfillment. I’ve come to believe that vision is very important for me as I wish to become a successful entrepreneur in life. “I want to make a difference in the world” is the standard vision of my life. The difference for me is that *I am* making a difference in this world, but not at enough scale and not fast enough to solve the problems I see facing society. I chose my given field of business administration because I knew it would give me the foundation to renounce as successful business man. You have money, You have stature You have attitude All you need now is a contract. There are many differing views on what makes someone a successful entrepreneur. Many will say the success of an entrepreneur ultimately depends on their business ideal, if you have a good ideal it will practically sell itself. Others will claim the road to success is paved in gold and if an entrepreneur does not have money they are doomed to failure. Certain will even say the most important attribute an entrepreneur can possess in their attitude, because with a winning attitude anything is possible. Statements like these are easy to come by and they all sound good on paper, however there does not exists a simple equation for a successful entrepreneur. I must make the mission
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