Visiit To Doctore Essay

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Visit to the Doctors Office I felt the tingle in my legs as I pushed the door opened; the door bell jingle, with a high-pitch sound “ding dong” ring. A gush of disinfected masked with cheap air freshener, rubber gloves, and chemicals washes over me. Over to my left was a smiling African lady who directed to the big sign written in black blocked letters that read “SIGN IN.” she seemed to have been expecting me somehow. She indicate me to sit on one of the faded blue chairs cluttered everywhere in the lobby. Looking around the bare clinical white room was posted dramatic “Before/After” photos on the walls. Some showed yellow teeth, set crookedly in red raw gums becoming shiningly white and straight, right next to it was a picture showing the difference between a healthy red blood cell looking round like a disc-shaped and the unhealthy red blood cell which was stiff and shaped like crescent moon. There were also a bunch of health-related magazines laying on the scratched wood of the coffee tables, a little Spanish boy with spiked hair sleeping peacefully and innocent in his mother’s arms made me forget about my worry. But I snapped back to my problem when a white blonde lady came out the heavy oak door and yelled out some patients name; “Johnson, Brittany!”, “Smith, Ethan!” As some patients waits patiently to be called, some sits quietly while they watch beneficial information given on the flat-screen television, others wait nervously while tapping their foot on the smooth carpeted floor waiting to be called for their check up. Some try to prevent their eyes from the closed, intimidating doors leading to the check up room. I chuckled at a man about 65 years old who looked helpless sitting in the couch dozing, and somewhat snoring. This made me forget about predicament and helped me loosen up from being so tense. But I am an expert when it comes to me doubting myself

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