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Virtual Reality Medical Training: a Technology Revolutionizing Medicine Essay

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Virtual Reality Medical Training: A Technology Revolutionizing Medicine
The newest development in medical technology, virtual reality models, has revolutionized the training process followed by the most innovative medical schools and hospitals. The benefits of using virtual training models greatly outweigh the disadvantages, and make the use of virtual training, under supervision, an invaluable tool to students and medical professionals alike. Using virtual training enables the operator to learn in an environment that simulates a true doctor-patient experience, whether that is a medical emergency or a simple procedure being practiced to refine motor skills. The models make the training of unseasoned doctors on real-life patients in dangerous situations obsolete, as the students are given a chance to learn the skills they need to know on the models before given a chance to practice the real-life application. In contrast, the models bring back practical application of medicine in school rather than merely learning the theories that apply. Dr. Christopher Cates, a MD graduate from The Medical School Of Georgia with a specialty in Cardiology, is quoted in “So You Think You’re an Interventional Cardiologist? Let the Simulator Decide” saying, one drawback of using the virtual reality training is that “if you don’t measure skill and have no appropriate measurement of the appropriate technique, you can teach bad habits” (Wood). This minor point is easily avoidable with supervision of the training by medical professionals and teachers.
The use of virtual training in the medical field unlocks possibilities for the growth of students’ experience and knowledge without exposing them to an environment that could prove to be fatal for the subject of the lesson being learned. Research on virtual training in medicine being performed by the University of Twente in the Netherlands supports that virtual training offers a supplementary means to impart practical knowledge on students,...

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