Virtual Reality Essay

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In a world with terrible horrors that occur on an every day to day basis, some feel the need to escape reality in any way they can possibly think of, exercise, food, drugs, alcohol or even a virtual reality. Video games and other online “communities” allow citizens to recreate a character and life based on what their own personal life may lack or contain. Some may use a violent war game, fantasy game, or just a game that recreates a society online or through a gaming system. When recreating their character, the character is based on that specific individual creating the character. These “communities” both negatively and positively affect the individuals playing the game. Some who play become easily addicted and end up relying on the virtual reality, rather than actual reality. They become completely isolated and would rather live in the virtual reality they created instead of the reality they have no control over. These games can also affect the players knowledge. When constantly playing these games and pretending to be someone else, the players are slowly losing knowledge they have developed on a day to day basis but are also gaining knowledge. For example the violent war games such “Call of Duty,” or “Battlefield,” the players play to kill the other characters in an act of war. These games are proven to help with hand eye coordination, and also with other aspects. For example according to the article “Are There Benefits in Playing Video Games?” written by Romeo Vitelli, explores the idea that there are positive side affects to playing these games. Brain researchers have come to the conclusion that “play fighting” actually releases a chemical growth in various regions of the human brain that can be incorporated with social activities. Also the article demonstrates that since players can play alone, with groups, or online with a numerous amount of

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