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Virtual reality, sometimes referred to as immersive multimedia or augmented reality, is a computer-simulated area or location that feels like the real world. One of the first times the idea of virtual reality ever occurred was in Star Trek. This virtual reality simulator was referred to as the Holodeck and was a circular room. Our current virtual reality systems however, are not as advanced as the Holodeck was, the Holodeck created the sense of touch, taste, smell, and all other senses in general. Ours are only able to create the sense of sight most of the time. This is usually presented on a screen or through special displays. Some however, include other peripherals, such as headphones or speakers. Some of the more advanced systems however now include tactile information, generally known as force feedback in medical, gaming and military applications. The ideal virtual reality would also be able to create the feeling of artificial people or objects to interact with. Our current systems try to imitate this with peripherals, whether they are a mouse and keyboard or a special wired glove. It could be used to create a life-like world that follows physics or even a magical world with dragons and people who can fly. Naturally, our current technology is only able to create VRs on a screen which is at a distance from our body and is not yet at the level of some popular anime such as SOA. However, it is hoped that our difficulties be overcome as processor, imaging, and data communication technologies become more powerful and cost-effective over time. One of the purposed uses of virtual reality is the movie industry. Unless virtual reality becomes usable without any attached items people would wear a headset and be placed in to a scene with a 360 degree view, thus allowing the viewer to feel as though he was actually in the action. The computer would provide a view that

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