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Virtual Reality Essay

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Virtual reality is not about computers any more.   It is about living. Now a days we have lost in the world of virtual reality so much that we have forgotten about the real world…. A very gud morning to one and all present here I ___________ would like to share my views on virtual reality.
Children are often happier with their online lives than they are with reality, a survey has revealed. They say they can be exactly who they want to be – and as soon as something is no longer fun they can simply hit the quit button.   Researchers assessed the online activities of   11- to 18-year-olds from across the UK and found that 45 per cent said they were   happier online than in their real lives. Around 47 per cent of children said they behaved differently online than they did in their normal lives with many claiming it made them feel more powerful and confident.
Let us first understand what actually virtual reality is ? Virtual reality an artificial environment created with computer hardware and software and presented to the user in such a way that it appears and feels like a real environment.The idea of virtual reality emerged in the 1930s when scientists created the first fight simulator for the training of pilots. They wanted to put the pilot in a real situation before letting him fly.  
The possibilities for virtual reality are enormous. Future residents of new towns will be able to walk around virtual streets, shops, houses and parks before a single brick has beer laid. There are already plans to redesign the whole of the city of Berlin, the capital of Germany, using virtual reality. It has even been suggested that in the future, virtual reality can be used to "educate us to become aware of and to control...emotions...and to train our children that violence and dishonesty" are wrong by showing the consequences of such actions.
Virtual reality is a technological curse that will drive the real world from our lives But with new technology also comes...

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