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virtual reality in avionics virtual reality The term virtual reality was first used by the french playwritter, poet, actor and director “Antonin Artuad”. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, virtual means "existing or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual fact, form, or name." It can also mean "created, simulated, or carried on by means of a computer or computer network." Therefore, virtual reality is best described as an illusion of reality created by a computer system. Now adays we even can enter in the virtual world for this a user dons special gloves, earphones, and goggles, all of which receive their input from the computer syatem. In this way, at least three of the five senses are controlled by the computer. In addition to feeding sensory input to the user, the devices also monitor the user's actions. The goggles, for example, track how the eyes move and respond accordingly by sending new video input. The term virtual reality (VR) applies in computer sciences which plays a role of bridge in the real world and imagenary world, most of the time VR use for thr visual needs, use either a computer screen or special stereoscopic displays. Now a days VR belongs with every field but mostly used in gamming, radio system, GPS system, military operations, aircrafts, and in telecommunications. In avionics The introduction of virtual reality in avionics belongs to artificial intelligence. As the artificial intelligence in avionics where there since 1912 when then the first autopilot system prepared by “ Elmer Sperry Corporation “. but this system totally belongs to a mechanical system when there isn't any virtual system had applied in the aircrafts, all of the work had done by the pilot which created a lot of burden and responsibility on the pilot and in long duration flights it increases the error chances and mantle retardness for

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