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Virtual Marketing : the New Reality Essay

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Below is an essay on "Virtual Marketing : the New Reality" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

With new countries (almost) coming up on the face of the Globe, having no physical boundaries in the form of Facebook (150 million users), Twitter (200 million users) and the like, it certainly is the beginning of a new era of Marketing.

Be it a product, place, person, idea, service, organisation, information, experience, or an event etc., everyone is choosing this promising platform to stay in the game.

The Internet is the new Genie, telling millions of people largely youth,- "Master , your wishes my command". What is it that's not there? Wanna buy/sell something (anything)? Go on.. There are so many sites 'happy to help'. Wanna connect to your favorite motivational speaker/success coach (say) Robin Sharma? Oh! he's on Facebook uploading his videos and motivational status and on his site, in addition you can find his pod-casts and other writings too. Have questions? There are sites to answer them. Want an online dictionary? Oh! its very much there and the list is endless.

All of this has provided marketers with innumerable opportunities to catch the target customers at the right place and the right time.

Search-Engine Marketing, Pay-per click Advertising, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Advertising, Online Businesses, Affiliate Marketing... (forgive me, I can't write all names..), though not novelties but are the Big realities.

The World is changing at an unimaginable pace. The Gen Y & Z customers are smart, tech-savvy and have little time. Thus, making virtual marketing a perfect form of marketing to reach and appeal to them.

Its precise measureability add to its desirability, you can have exact figures - how many people viewed your advertisement. Not measuring its effectiveness, not following customer views and making the desired changes would be one of the deadliest marketing sin. Get to know in real time what is working and click more on what is clicking with the customers more. Highly innovative and eye-catchy, this source...

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