Virtual Love Essay

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A DRAFT for “VIRTUAL LOVE” by Meghan Daum In the essay “Virtual Love” Meghan Daum started opening up her email one day and the subject “Is this the real megham daum?”(1) took her to a long journey which is covered by full of imaginary. In a very short time she built an unexplainable affection with the unimagined man who has the screen name is PFSlider and who’s the real name Pete and lives in California which she discovered later on. The internet makes everything hopelessly easy such as procrastination, hiding real identity, personality, slowness and care in decision or action. In fact, there are many predators out there looking for someone with no boundaries of expressing their self. Of course, nice things happen as well but not many. Cyber world is much more dangerous than it appears. “Love does not see flaws; love makes one unable to see things as they really are” In the world of internet life has become irresistible nowadays. I become an eye-witness of some mail order bride and how these businesses are growing tremendously day by day. As we all know “love is blind” makes one who is fall in love cannot see the reality and becoming a blind person who looks but can not see. “for me, the time online with Pete was far superior to the phone”(13) when they need to make a decision about any subject, you can manage your decisions, thoughts, facial expressions, anger, and emotional balance. So those are always advantage in many relationships. Such as business meeting, while playing a card game, lying, slandering and seriousness. Person can hide these impressions during at any face-to-face conversation. “Teasing him in a way I would never have dared to do in person, or even on the phone” (13) people express their self much more bravely because the cold screen of a computer does not have any facial impressions. Recently some of the instant messenger softwares
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