Virtual County Police Department Analysis

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Apart from structure, management is equally important in generating desired output. Failing to plan is planning to fail, as the old adage goes, and so it is important for organizations or agencies to ensure that they come up with a structure that will best suit their needs and operations. However, management is of equal importance as it ensures effective operations in the particular agencies. The virtual county police department is structured into two commands, one being the operations command which manages the operations of the agency. The second wing is the administrative command which is in charge of administrative duties. Each command is headed by a deputy chief who is in charge of supervising and managing each wing of the police department. The virtual county police department has an unbalanced command, with the operations command having more personnel than the administrative branch. This has led to increased work load and responsibilities on one wing of command instead of an equitable distribution of workload among the two commands. The nature of work for the two commands is different and elements of one cannot fit the other, so integration of the force duties to produce a balance has become hard. This has led to inefficiency by one command which has lesser manpower to effectively carry out its…show more content…
There is a higher distribution of males in the sworn personnel i.e. the chiefs, sub chiefs, lieutenants, captains, sergeants, corporals and officers category. On the other hand, women distribution is higher in the non-sworn personnel category i.e. officials/ executives, professionals, technicians and clericals. This bias in the two categories of personnel has led to a gender discrimination aspect to the department where males are put in active duty and females relegated to a more administrative role. The gender and racial bias that is exhibited in the virtual county police department is immoral and needs to be rectified to reflect a more democratic way of doing things. The police department needs to adopt more democratic and un-biased recruitment processes that will ensure equitable distribution of personnel within the department and agency. The department could invoke an affirmative action policy in its recruitment of sworn in personnel and the non-sworn in personnel. This policy involves reverse bias during recruitment in order to cater for those who were previously locked out and are under represented in the force. Racial bias could be used in ensuring more recruitment of candidates from minority races in order to rival the large population of the white race in the force and reduce intake of whites (Rueter, 1995). Another form of affirmative action with

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