Virtual Child Human Development 19 Months

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On September 23, 2008, after approximately ten hours of labor, I gave natural birth, with the use of breathing and relaxation techniques, to a beautiful baby girl that my partner and I named “Kira.” Kira’s development, as well as my parenting skills and techniques, will be the subject of 5 written assignments. These assignments will be based on questions designed to be the basis of discussion and to help me connect with Kira’s development in relation to course content. This first assignment will report on Kira’s first 19 months, with separate reports on questions presented at 9 months of age and then at 19 months. Kira had been ill several times during her first 9 months from colds or digestive upset. At an exam when Kira was 9 months, her pediatrician advised to keep her away from sick people, and checking out new foods for her, allowing a few days in between each new food to test for allergies. At birth I decided to breast feed Kira, yet supplementing with formula to make things easy when I was either not around or needed a break from nursing her. I feel that tapering off breast-milk from Kira’s diet may have made her more susceptible to illnesses. When Kira was 3 months, she often cried after meals and frequently suffered from diarrhea. At that time I decided to try switching Kira’s formula to test for allergies. When Kira turned 8 months there was no change in her reactions to her feedings, so I decided to give Kira solid, but bland food, letting her try one new pasta or carbohydrate dish at a time and observing over the next few days to see how well she digested it. When I brought Kira home from the hospital, she slept practically all of the time, only waking when hungry, cold, or wet. At 3 months, Kira began to act fussy, was difficult to sooth, or would have trouble taking a nap. I kept feeding, playtime, and nap time routines quite regular in

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