Virginia Henderson, Theorist In Nursing

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Virginia Henderson Born in Kansas City, MO One of 8 children Middle child 5th child Grew up in VA-delightful Surrounded by friends and family, Virginia Henderson died peacefully on March 19, 1996, in a hospice in Branford, Connecticut. She was 98. Throughout the 1980s, she had remained active as a research associate emeritus at Yale University School of Nursing, serving as an ambassador for nursing throughout the world Father, attorney, devoted time for cases of Indians where justice wasn’t done right by them. They were all cases against the government. Lived in Grandfather’s school until they could be established in Washington, DC Mother (remarkable woman) rarely scolded. She was a moody child. Mom wouldn’t scold her in front of anyone. Mother said if she learned to control her moods she would grow to be a fine woman. Two older Brothers in Army – realization that country needed nurses and if war lasted many more years, they would need nurses. made her feel that she could contribute to human race. Graduated in 1921 from Walter Reed This influenced the kind of nursing care. They were students in a hospital, taking care of men lost arms, legs, faces mutilated. They felt there was nothing they could do for them that would compensate for their sacrifice. Graduated from Army School of Nursing, with high standard of giving service to the people who need it. Aware that lodged in her “feeble mind” is more information in nursing and healthcare than most nurses. In 1950’s did a survey and assessment all over this country in about ¾ of the US. Met the most wonderful people. Importance of the individual person and patient care. Visited so many countries. Improved nursing care. Nursing is both “art and science”. Gave nursing a framework Collaboration between Dr’s and Nurses is very important. Definition of nursing: Nurse is the only 24hr worker. We are

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