Virginia Colony vs. Plymouth Colony Essay

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During the colonization of the American continent, the British has created many colonies. After having traveled across the Atlantic, 104 men landed in Virginia in 1607 and called their settlement Jamestown which was the first permanent English settlement in America and 13 years later, 102 settlers landed in Massachusetts, a place they decided to name the Plymouth colony. These two colonies were the beginning of the English settlement in the American continent. They are very different from each other although both are successful in the end. One of the differences is, first of all, the location of the settlements. While the Jamestown colony was located in Virginia, the Plymouth settlers about 450 miles north of the previous ones settlement. The warm climates and fertile soil of the former colony guaranteed the prosperity of their community with the florishement of their plantations. In addition to that, their placement offered a good defense position in case of a random attack from the Indian neighbours. The latter colony posessed an excellent harbor. However, their cold climate and thin soil limited plantations. Therefore, they turned to fishing, shipbuilding and trade. Second of all, the reasons for the creation of these colonies also pose as differences. Economic motives encouraged the colonization in Virginia. Organizers of The Virginia Company of London wanted to expand trade and to obtain a wider market for English goods. They hoped for great financial profit, whereas freedom from religious persecution drove the Pilgrims to leave England and settle in Holland. However, when they realized that their children were being too influenced by the Dutch lifestyle and were starting to lose their Enlgish culture, they decided to leave for the New World, encouraged by news from the Virginia settlement. Further more, the relations with the Native American

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