Violent Video Games Effect on Kid

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Violent Video Games Effect on Kid The violent video games can equate with drug. Drug can influence with human beings’ body directly in physiologically. The public have a profound understand of the social harm with drug addiction. However, the public did not detect the gigantic social harm from violent video games in thoroughly. The fact of drug addiction was displayed to spotlight the damage drugs inflict upon juveniles. And then, in violent video games, it will contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, maximal blood and strong language. By these extreme details from violent video games, it can generate violent behavior, lack of self-control, and criminal mind from juveniles. First of all, each video game can be regarded as a violent coach who encourages juveniles using violent behavior in realistic society. It makes the juveniles learn better with the violence because playing violent video games is an active behavior which can get the negative feedback from violent video games in quickly and directly. For example, the juveniles used violent behavior in naturally when they were getting the pleasure from violent video games. Because all of the juveniles as an immature group which are influenced by the negative element. Furthermore, the juveniles are good at imitating of social behavior. By the influence from violent video games, the juveniles will unconscious imitating the violence from violent video games in easily and directly. Because of the influence of violent video games, the juveniles of players of violent video games are more easily to approve the violence in realistic society. Second, because of violent video games may make juveniles more likely to behavior in aggressively. And then, in our country, there is a criminal profile named by Li Meijin which supplied details about violent video games includes the juveniles who play violent video games
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