Violent Sports Research Paper

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In 1966 Texas Western coach Don Haskins led the first all-black starting line-up for college basketball team to the NCAA. Haskin’s playing style was different from all of the other basketball teams. The African American part of the team starts to get racially abused. The team itself had some struggles with working as an actual team. Haskin’s wife gets hate mail from people who are unknown. When Don Haskins tells the school’s president about recruiting seven African American players, the school’s president tries to persuade Haskins against it. He tells Haskins about the school boosters and how they wouldn’t fully agree with it. He also says he doesn’t have enough room for people like that. When the first day of practice starts it starts into a hard day of work. Haskins tells the team that there will be no girls, no drinking, no late night partying. Part of the team goes out that night and gets drunk and Bobby Joe Hill finds himself going after one of the waitresses at the restaurant/bar they were at. The ended up getting back to the dorm rooms late at night.…show more content…
Announcers sneer, opponents refuse post-game handshakes, and alumni boosters grumble. This sets the players on edge and it affects their game play. As the Miners start winning more and more basketball games, hostility grows within the fans of opposing teams. Their success opens an ugly seam of ignorance and hatred. Players are booed, cursed at. In most of their games they were showered in
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