Violent Behavior Response Essay

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March 2, 2012 Violent Behavior Response Daryll Mitchell University pf Phoenix Violent behavior in prisons is any behavior which, through it's use or intended use, causes or could cause harm to another individual. There are many theories on how to control violent behavior in prison, but the ones that seem to have the most success involve segregating the violent individuals away from the rest of the population. This option is very expensive, does nothing to prepare the inmate for re-entry into society, and is only partially successful at limiting the violence of these inmates. Instead of preying on inmates in general population, they now turn their violent tendencies on each other, and the staff. Unethical behavior at correctional facilities may not only cause an employee to be fired but also wind up on the other side of the prison walls. Criminal charges against staff at correctional and rehabilitation facilities can be filed for a variety of reasons, including passing contraband or sexual imposition. Laws vary by state but govern public and private prison facilities. Unethical behavior infractions could be actions against an inmate, co-worker or against the state for theft or destruction of prison property. The inmate behavior management plan consists of six essential elements: 1. Assessing the risks and needs of each inmate at various points during his or her detention. 2. Assigning inmates to housing. 3. Meeting inmates’ basic needs. 4. Defining and conveying expectations for inmate behavior. 5. Supervising inmates. 6. Keeping inmates occupied with productive activities. These elements, once established, function as an ongoing, integrated process designed to generate positive inmate behavior—that is, behavior that complies with the staff’s expectations of what is acceptable. Implementing these elements puts control of the jail in

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