Violence in Video Games, Some Sources to Look at Essay

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Violence in video games, some sources to look at. Bavelier D, Gentle D. A., Green C. S., Han D. H, Merzenich M. M., Renshaw P. F., 2011). Brains on video games. Neuroscience, 12, 763-786, doi:10.1038/nrn3135 Here is the second source I found to use for this paper and this is just like the first source, an academic article. By six experts this time, Daphne Bavelier (Department of brain and cognitive sciences), C. Shawn Green (Department of psychology), Doug Hyun Han (Department of Psychiatry), Perry F. Renshaw (Department of Psychiatry), Michael M Merzenich (Keck foundation center for integrative neuroscience), and Douglas A. Gentile (Department of psychology). In this article, the authors focus on the brains and if games effected in anyway. The way this is set this up is that whenever a question is asked, ether one or two of the authors answer the question given to them. With each of their own insight and opinion on the question at hand. This article goes through if video games is beneficial for the brain and to see if the authors can find some sort of positive while playing games. The authors found something out but not too sure if it is accurate. They think that there is a casual link in gaming and increasing some abilities. Like increasing visual activity, reading skills, and decision making skills. Also say that if you play pro-social games, it will help with social skills like being more helpful in public. Sadly for me, the authors put down why video games are a negative thing too. Apparently if you keep on playing violent video games, it will cause a hostile attribution bias. Saying that in a situation like bumping into someone by accident will cause you to be more hostile to him or her instead of looking at the situation as an accident. Gaming can also be addictive for those without willpower. Causing kids the miss out on reading or doing homework.

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