Violence in Video Games Essay

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Games are becoming more and more realistic. With realism comes gruesome and violent games. Kids and teenagers while their brain is still developing are being exposed to this and starting to think that it’s ok. Parents are doing nothing to stop it if anything they are making it worse for the child’s development. The idea of games with a 17+ sign are binging to take shape, should teens or kids be able to play such violent games? The benefits of kids playing violent or gruesome games are slim, but still there. Games like GTA 5, (Grand Theft Auto Five), show violence yes but it also shows friendly gaming like flying cars, playing tennis or other activities that are not centered around beating people to death. Another benefit is if the kid or adult gets mad at any time during the day, when you get home you can take your anger out on the game rather than people or objects around you. The last benefit of violent or gruesome games is, as the people play the characters of the game and see how miserable the life of the character is they can maybe think that living that type of life style isn’t good. The cons of playing violent games are very prominent in society. Many people are against teens and young adults playing these types of games because, in away there brain is still developing and any imagines that are violent, scary or gruesome is bad for the brains development. If teens or some young adults have a history of brain development flaws, they could take the game as real life and try to reenact the game in person. Kids have taken the gaming world too seriously and have committed school shootings and other harmful acts in society. The last con is “couch potato” kids are becoming addicted to video games and losing time to be outside and see the world. Kids are glued to the TV losing interest in the outside world and being to think that they are in the game. When kids

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