Violence in the Media

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Violence in the Media Violence can be found in almost every form of media from TV to video games. Does this violence impact society? How do different forms of media violence effect society? How are different age groups affected differently than others? There are many implications on society due to violence in the main stream media. I will write about the implications of TV violence, video game violence, and violence on the news and bring you my point of view on it all. There are many forms of violence in the media today. The most relevant are violence on TV and in movies, video games, and the daily news from around the world. Violence can be found in sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts and even hockey and football. The news reports of murder and other forms of violence every day. Be it news about foreign wars or news of violence in your local inner city, you can bet you will hear something new every day. It seems like every day there is a new and violent video game coming out. Games about war and games about crime life, even games about fantasy violence are all over the market. It is thought that Children are affected the most by the violence they are exposed to. I tend to agree that violent media affects children the most. Children are less likely to separate right from wrong like most adults can. It is easy for me to see something on TV and know that it wouldn’t be right to replicate it. For a young child this may not be the case. Children tend to act out what they see on TV with their friends at school. As an adult I can choose what to and what not to watch based on how much violence I wasn’t to see or how much I can take. For children, the parents have to monitor what they watch and heed the TV rating systems to insure their children are not getting an unhealthy dose of violence. As you well know now, violence exists in
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