Violence In Television Cause Negative Impacts On C Essay

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These days, television is broadcasting more violence programs compared to several decades ago to accommodate adults’ desire. Violence in this context refers to not only killing or torturing done by villains but also includes kicking or punching done by superheroes to save other people. However, this major change in broadcasting has also indirectly exposed children to violence since they often spend their time watching television. According to McDonough (2009), children of age two to five “spend more than 32 hours a week on average” whereas children ages six to eleven spend over 28 hours on average. Violence in television can be a negative influence on children’s behavior and psychology and also desensitize them toward violence. Watching too much violence in television might lead to a more aggressive behavior among children. At such a tender age, children learn by observing and imitating others including television shows. Although different children respond differently towards television, Lisa Guernsey, the author of Into the Minds of Babes, states that most of them tend to imitate what they see as cited in Teston, 2008. Therefore, when they watched violence on television, they might come to the conclusion that violence is one of many ways to solve problems. As a consequent, these children are likely will apply the new ‘knowledge” that they had gained in their daily life. Furthermore, if the act of violence is portrayed by the “good guy” character, children will most probably think that it is okay to commit violence as long as it is for a good cause such as saving someone else. For instance, if there is boy who has a friend which is being bullied, he might try to fight the bullies as he perceives it as noble heroic action, which is to help his friend. Instead of resolving problems and disputes, this decision is more likely to create more damage for these children.

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