Violence in Media Essay

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In Gerard Jones’ article “Violent Media is Good for Kids”, Jones identifies the ability to use violence in media sources as an outlet for children’s aggression by relating his own personal story with research on his opinion of the subject. Jones targets an audience that believes in the idea that children need a healthy channel for their anger. He quotes Melanie Moore, Ph.D., a teen psychologist who believes that, “children need violent entertainment in order to explore the inescapable feelings that they’ve been taught to deny, and to reintegrate those feelings into a more whole, more complex, more resilient selfhood” (Jones 59). Although Jones addresses the fact that the violence in entertainment is most definitely not harmless and has very much so “inspire[d] some people to real-life violence”, he argues the idea that there is more harm in the fear of the relationship between youth and violence (Jones 61). He stresses the fact that rage is much more than just an emotion to be feared, but is an instinctual emotion that should not be sheltered or repressed. To provide evidence for the opposing viewpoint of this controversial topic, Constance Holden discusses a study that resulted in the basis that there is a significant relationship between violence that youths witness in the media, and violence they witness in real life. In “Controversial Study Suggests Seeing Gun Violence Promotes It”, Holden writes about a study of Chicago adolescents that has “concluded that even a single exposure to firearm violence doubles the chance that a young person will later engage in violent behavior” (Holden). The experiment takes place over a 5-year period, where researchers do extensive research on adolescents’ lives, backgrounds, personal behaviors, etc. and record levels of contact with violence in real life situations after exposure to violent media entertainment. The experiment

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