Violence In Media Essay

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Jared Olsen Essay #1 Media and Violence 09/12/2009 Surrounded by Violence A teenage boy sits in his room after school. Instead of doing homework he decides to turn on some music and play some video games for a few hours. So he puts in his favorite album and loads his favorite game. Immediately the artist starts to sing, he’s telling a story about how he killed his wife, put her in the trunk of his car and with his daughter in the car he drives out to get rid of the body. A short intro appears on the television showing a severed human head land on a spike. On his wall are various posters, but one sticks out. It appears to be a motivational poster, but its not. It shows a girl being strangled. In big bold letters it says STRANGULATION: Because the bitch aint gonna shut her self up. The young boy just sits there, singing along to the music while playing a game that rewards him for having killed the most people. He is numb to the images surrounding him and the lyrics piercing his brain. This exact scene is happening all over the country. There is no doubt that the media promotes violence. Violence has penetrated every form of media, to include: video games, television, movies, music and advertisement. Not only can it be seen everywhere the amount of violence entering our society, through the media, is increasing. Video games are quickly becoming the biggest media industry in the world. According to the Associated Press Americans spent 21.33 billion dollars on video games in 2008. This is an increase over the previous year where only 18 billion dollars were spent on these games. The sale increase was a result of blockbuster games like “Grand Theft Auto IV” and “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare”. Which are arguably the most violent video games available. The award-winning video game, Grand Theft Auto, thrive

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