Violence In High Schools

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Violence in High Schools Students in high schools are victims of bullying and violence every day. Schools are becoming more and more like a battlefield and the violence is just bringing more violence. In the United States of America this problem is common in most high schools. Some people say that the problem is already been solved and people had changed; however, they fail to recognize this problem is still growing and schools across the country are becoming more hostile every day. Therefore schools across the country should find a solution to stop violence. Some people argue that violence is not a problem in high schools anymore. They also say that the violence is not the same as some years ago and that kids today think differently. Other people say that violence build character and this problems compromise the future of the young generation, what make the kids not read for the future in the life, with their works, with they not being able to build a family. Other people affirm that the human rights say everyone should be treated the same way, it does not matter their color, sex, religion or age, and they explain that every single student in the school know about this, and discrimination is not a problem that affects the kids in the high schools anymore. Ass well, they acknowledge that kids thinking differently, can be more patient, and understand and help with other kids problems, making they confortable to talk, and explain all the problems that they are having in the school, and in their life. First, violence between students in high schools is a problem that turns bigger and bigger. The parents have trouble to understand their kids, and the kids have trouble to explain their problems to their parents. “The problem for parents, policemen and students, is deciding which version of school life is more accurate” (Terence Monmaney, 17). Bullying and violence

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