Violence And Aggression

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Our world is so full of violence and aggressions to the point where people are losing love ones on a daily basis due to this violence and aggression. There are so many debates that aggression stems from video games that have graphic violence. Other people say that violence and aggression come from criminal behavior and aggressive behavior. We could go back and forth as to why violence and aggressions linger in this world but it is clear violence and aggression are here! In the following paragraphs information like the statement of the problem, literature review, findings will be discussed. We all have to be in an understanding that violence and aggression have become a complete problem in our world today. In the world today people experience violence and aggression on a daily basis. Lives are being lost day to day because of violence and aggression. There are people who wonder on a daily basis how come violence and aggression continue to increase all over the world. We all have to be under agreement that we all want the best in life. We all want fancy homes, a great financial status, fancy cars and so much more that people desire in this world. Violence and aggression is one of the last things that we desire in life like the other true desires we have. In all honesty people think that most people become frustrated over not having certain desires in their lives and that is what causes violence and aggression. With the economy the way it is, people will not always get what they want in life so yes there may be lots of frustrations in life that may continue to have violence and aggression increase in our life. With all this being said, violence and aggression will continue to increase in most opinions of people. Neurosis, desperation, envy, greed, and collectivism are all keys factors of aggression. (Jarret B. Wollstein) Violence and Aggression

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