Violence Against Women Essay

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VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: CAUSES, EFFECTS & SOLUTIONS 1.0 Introduction Violence against women is a global phenomenon that happens among the women of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world. In most cases, women are frequently associated with domestic violence and sexual violence such as wife beating, sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, and also genital mutilation. It usually happens unconsciously in our society and sometimes the victims are being forced by the perpetrators which are mostly from people who are close to them. In Peru, a study found that 90 percent of the young mothers aged 12 to 16 in a hospital were the rape victims. They were assaulted by their fathers, stepfathers or other close relatives. Another case in Papua, New Guinea claims that wife beating is an accepted custom in their society and the gender-based abuses that occur are very rarely reported or recorded. (Macionis, 2012) states that in Ethopia, virgin teenagers will undergo a clitoridectomy, the surgical removal of the clitoris in order to remain their virginity and eliminate sexual feeling. Those cases indicate the violence that quite often happens within the women and girls in a society. Based on the analysis above, I would like to discuss the causes, effects and solutions of violence against women which occurs more often nowadays. 2.0 Causes From my point of view, the main factor behind domestic and sexual violence is the structural inequality between men and women in the family and also in the society. Men seem to have the right in making all the decisions while women are expected to obey to what have been decided by men. Based on the popular view from United Nations Department of Public Information, it proposes that a wife is the property of her husband. Therefore, the husband may do whatever he thinks fits with his wife. The legal systems in some countries

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