Violence - A Contemprary Issue Essay

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Introduction: The texts I have chosen for this essay are: “S.” A novel about the Balkans, by Slaenka Drakulić, 1999. and “Desert Flower” by Waris Dirie and Catherine Miller, 1998. I have chosen these particular texts because both stories struck me how women can be vulnerable physically yet how they have great mental strength to overcome hardship. It amazed me how I had no sense of the fact that I was living carefree in this world when both of these women were struggling with severe hardships. S. Drakulić showed us that S. suffered violence as a victim of war. The war depicted in this story was as a result of the breakup of Yugoslavia. Rape and torture of women was a policy of this war and S. in the story was a victim. This policy was used to humiliate the women and dilute the race. This results in killing the spirit of their men, enabling an easier victory. S. was neither shocked or surprised when the army appeared in her village. Drakulić, (1999, p.19) described it as ‘disbelief’. She speaks about the impact this has on S. by telling us “As she closes the apartment door behind her she feels that her life has been emptied of all its normality”. It appeared she has closed the door to one part of her life before beginning another. Another impact war has had on S. was the way she retreats into herself. This was not only an impact of the war but also a defence mechanism for survival. She goes into her cognitive self and internalises her thoughts and feelings. Drakulić (1999, p.20) showed an occasion of this when S. was asked by one of the soldiers to ensure nobody hides from getting on the bus. She thought, “Already I was swallowing not only my words, but even my thoughts; the silence I was soon to submerge myself in… was already beginning”. Later on Drakulić (1999, p.62) wrote of the moment S. was pushed further from reality after being

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