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Violence “We fear violence less than our own feelings. Personal, private, solitary pain is more terrifying than what anyone else can inflict.” The following quote was written by a wise man, Jim Morrison. It explains that not only physical violence can be fearful but verbal or non physical violence can hurt just as bad. People have always been cruel to one another, from physical violence or just verbal. There’s no telling when it will ever end. For example, in the essay “Invisible Country” written by Ray Gonzalez there were some border patrol officers who mistreated Mexicans in many ways that were very unnecessary. From accusing Mexicans for something to getting physical with them for no apparent reason. Another literary work is an essay created by Luis Alberto Urrea called “Meet the Satanicos”, which has a few physical violent scenes throughout the essay. It involves gangs, knifes, punching, and all sorts of crazy ways to give a decent definition of being violent. “Somewhere between Houston and El Paso” by Caolina Monsivais is a poem that I don’t really understand quite well, but they do use the word violent and violence in the poem so that is why I chose it. Each of these literary works I have chosen has something to deal with either physical violence or spoken violence which can affect people just as much as a punch or a stab wound. In the essay “Invisible Country” violence was taken in action by both physical and verbal by accusing someone for something just because of their race. A man named Mario had seen something he shouldn’t have down at the Rio Grande River by his grocery store he owned. He wanted to report it but he knew that the border patrol were very crude and violent to Mexicans. In the next following lines the Ray’s narrator explains how Mario knew the Border Patrols by: Friends of his had been harassed, questioned by aggressive officers about

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