Violence Essay

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violence , it's reason , effects on the society Violence Introduction: Each year more than of more than 1.5 million people lives are taken by violence worldwide, and for each single death due to violence dozens of hospitalizations, hundreds of emergency department visits, and thousands of doctors' appointments. Violence can be defined as an extreme form of aggression, such as assault, rape or murder. Moreover violence has many causes including frustration, exposure to violent media, violence in the home or neighborhood and a tendency to see other people's actions as hostile even when they're not. Certain situations also increase the risk of aggression, such as drinking, insults and other provocations and environmental factors like heat and overcrowding. In this report I’ll talk about the causes of violence , it types and how to prevent it. Causes of violence: Although there are many and complex causes of violence, however they can be divided into two basic components 1) a person factor that resides within the individual committing the act 2) the social factor which resides outside the individual committing the act (which is called trigger). The following are examples of triggers: • Consumption of alcohol. • The violence in the media. • Insults • Overcrowding. Triggers lead to violence only when the first factor also exists. Types of violence: The inequality, which exists in our societies, is the roots of all forms of violence. The following are the types of violence: 1- Physical violence: this occurs when some one uses part of their body or an object to control some one else’s action. This is probably the most visible violence. 2- Sexual violence: occurs when a person is

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