Violence Essay

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Violence against kids Domestic violence on children has been a serious issue among us these days. A lot of murdered and sick kids are the result of their parents, families, and teachers’ violence. Many countries believe that violence is the remedy of some kids behaviors. They use it as a method of learning in their schools and homes. There are many consequences of beating kids such as brain disorder, none of self-esteem, unsafe, suicide. Violence is a way of expressing the anger in some people which lead to harm others and harm their selves even more. After a while of violence, kids start to be violent, aggressive, and sick which will make the society worse and will be surrounded with criminals, thieves psychiatric and people. Child abuse is one of the environmental risk factors related to strong health, social problems, and economy issues. Health is one of the negative sides of violence against kids. Kids are usually easy to get hurt, immature, and trustful. Some of parents exploit these advantages to express their madness of their personal problems that they are going through. They start beating their kids , making them sick and insecure. Beating and getting hurt would make some serious issues in kid’s health. For examples, mental disorders and depression are the most health issues that our society is facing because of violence. . “World Health Organization has identified violence against children as a growing public-health issue with a global magnitude” (Hyder). In addition, physical sicknesses would be another consequence of violence. Some cases might reach the top of the worse. For instant, disability is the result of some parents and teachers reaction towards their kids. Papken 2 “Globally, at least 93 million children have moderate or severe disability.”(Jones).Also, it could increase the cases of antisocial kids in society. The opponent argues

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