Violation Of Intellectual Property Essay

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09/30/2011 Assignment 2 – Violation of intellectual property 837 words Everyone is an author; everyone creates the objects for copyrighting. So the issue of intellectual property rights is relevant for each of us. According to ACS site, intellectual property is the “original and creative ideas or works that have economic value and which are protected by patent, copyright, trademarks and trade secret laws” (Plagiarism: Intellectual Property Rights). Another explanation is presented by United States Patent and Trademark site: “Intellectual property is the ownership of a dream, an idea, an improvement, and an emotion that we can touch, see, hear, and feel. It is an asset just like a home, a car, or a bank account” (United States Patent and Trademark Office). The action of stealing someone’s intellectual property is considered as plagiarism. Every school kid knows that copying somebody’s work means using someone else's intellectual achievement. Even before school the children are explained that cheating is copyright infringement. So the rare student dares to go against this social rule; he or she prefers to write him or herself and to get a lower grade than to be caught in such a disgraceful case and charged with theft. The most obvious example of intellectual property rights violation was told by an American Professor, director of the National Intellectual Property Institute, James Chandler. Once during a regular checking the works of students Professor Chandler found an assignment that was alike of the other one. By decision of the committee, the student was expelled from the College of Law. At the same time professor Chandler noted that the law student had no chance of being accepted into any other law school in the United States. It is inconceivable when a future lawyer begins the career with violation of intellectual property. However, the case was not

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