Violation Essay

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In the article by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, stated that children today are in trouble due to their exposure of a toxic environment. Children are growing up with a social environment that impact them socially. Children at a younger age are more vulnerable and they show the effects of the social toxicity. As children develops, they have a social map in which is affected by the individual and the community they grow up in. Each child sees the world through culture, temperament and individual experience. The map is the result of experience and it becomes the cause, for better or for worst (paragraph 8). These social maps are made by the children in how they see the world. Their surroundings makes the environment, the "raw material for children's social map" (paragraph 10). Family is the primary environment for nearly all children. Children really don't function as an individual but as a member of the family. But they have another role when they start school. That is when they are exposed to more people that requires interaction with a bigger group. Parents work environment contributes in children development. A parent that has long hours of work or have to travel causes a child to become more independent and it emphasizes obedience. Resulting the child to be expose the this social toxicity. They aren't spending time with parents. The nurture part in which all children need. And childhood is about learning about the ropes of family, the community and the culture, being around the parent enhances the child's understanding. Television also contribute in a social toxic environment. Children that spends hours in front of the television filled with messages about violence and aggression in human interactions. Although the television can be healthy; there are educational channels but it is minimal compared to the violence we see on the television.

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