Violating the Norms of Own Social Group

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Violating the Norms of Own Social Group We often try to fit into society and rarely try to be out of place. As an individual, it is in our nature to try and get along with other people. Violating norms of our social group is something that we try to stay away from. I would purposely violate norms to learn about the reactions or in actions to people, other society, and myself. Recently out of nowhere I acted like a guest in my own home, I asked where I can find all the things I needed in the kitchen, where everybody’s rooms were located, if I can turn on the light or vice versa. My mom reacted unusual and thought I was going crazy because I was acting out of the norm. It tells us when you act far from how you are supposed to act; it makes your primary group like your family asks questions and wonder to themselves why you are acting out of the ordinary. I believe that your family is one of the foremost groups that there are high standards in how you are supposed to act around each other. This tells me the “individual in society” in certain groups the person has a certain role to play and this certain role does not cross. The high standards in ones family create lines and boundaries as the way you act around family. Another example that I did was when I was with my close friends of mine whom I have known from high school, I started by responding in a defensive way and being very opinionated to every suggestion and comment they mentioned to me and sometimes defensive to situations in which there was nothing to be defensive about, like I was being attacked by all of them. This was very difficult to pull off because these close friends of mine have known me for many years and they know that I am never like this. During this time I thought I was not doing a good job of persuading them because this is so far from the real me that they would not take me
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