Viola Hastings Gender Roles

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She’s The Man She’s the man directed by Andy Fickman and realised in 2007 is a romantic comedy about following your dreams. This film presents themes such as the importances of being yourself and following your dreams, the ways that gender stereotypes affect our behaviour and the importance of communication in relationships. Most sports are not co-ed because of the common conception that women cannot play at the same level of sport as men can. Viola Hastings the main character in the film, is a high school soccer player at a school called Cornwall. Viola's soccer team at Cornwall gets cut. She wants to join the boys team, but they do not allow girls. So she thinks "If you can't join them, beat them". so she does. Her brother Sebastian is suppose…show more content…
She’s unhappy that she can not be allowed to play so she impersonates her own brother at a different school and is determined to beat her schools boys soccer team to prove the point that girls can play as good as boys. The way Viola does this by getting help from her friends to change into a boy and take advantage that her brother is in England so she can become him for 2 weeks. She then goes to the school and tries to act like a boy and joins the soccer team. The room mate that she is boarding with is also on the soccer team things she is Sabastian her brother. There is many intamite moments where they help each other. Duke the room mate helps Sabastian (viola) to play better soccer and he helps him with a girl he likes. Until one day there is a carnival and Viola had to play herself and do a kissing booth where Duke ends up kissing her and they fall in love. The conflict for Viola to be Sabastian gets harder for her as she gets jelous of the interest the girl that he throught he liked tries to steel him. Not know that the girl infact just wants to make Sabastian jelous so he goes out with her. It gets very intense just before the soccer match when things get a little crazy. Eventualy Viola has to come clean and tell everyone she is a girl not her brother Sabastian. She is allow to finish the game which they

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