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Vincent van Gogh One of the most original artists ever, Vincent van Gogh worked as an evangelist before taking up painting at the age of 27. Vincent was born in a small Dutch village of Groot Zundert, near the Belgian boarder. He was mostly self-taught but he joined a group of Impressionists painters during two years in Paris where he learnt a lot from their work. Then he moved alone to Arles in the south of France, where he painted many of his famous paintings of landscapes, still-lives and portraits. Van Gogh’s life was a harsh and desperate struggle against poverty, hunger, alcoholism and insanity. His younger brother, Theo, supported greatly until his suicide with a gunshot to the chest at the age of 37. Some trademarks of Van Gogh’s paintings were the use of painting with dashes and swirls. Many of the pictures between 1886 and 1888 use the Impressionist technique of applying the paint in dashes. In the last two years of his life he painted mostly in waves and swirls that were applied thickly to make the marks stand above the canvas. The majority of his artworks were oil paintings but also produced watercolours, drawings, sketches and prints. Starry Night is one of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings. It one of several “starry night” pictures which he painted. This painting shows a view of the village of Saint-Remy in southern France under a night sky. The main light source shown by the large stars and crescent moon is shown by haloes of yellow and white paint which draws attention to the sky. These expanding circles are built up of dashes, applied in a circular way, of colour. With use of the colour and light it feels as if Van Gogh is contrasting happiness and sadness with the bright starry sky and the dull, quiet village. Throughout his life, Van Gogh was overwhelmed by loneliness as of his very unique and isolated personality. He never married, and his

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