Villette and Washington Square Essay

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I have just read the two books and after finishing the second I found these two to be so much alike; of course there can be found gigantic differences between them, but still I think of them as practically comparable. My two novels are: Villette by Charlotte Bronte and Washington Square by Henry James. Firstly I think it would be better if we start our survey with a brief biography of the two writers for surely their lives have influenced their work so it would be a pity if we went straight to the novels: Charlotte Bronte Charlotte was born in 1816 in a big family of Patrick Bronte; she had 5 siblings but two of them died early in 1825 and the remaining three sisters who were so fund of poetry started their childish imagery poetry and stories about a make-believe kingdom. In 1842 Charlotte and Emily travelled to Brussels to enroll in a boarding school run by Constantine Heger (1809–96) and his wife Claire Zoé Parent Heger (1804–87). In return for board and tuition, Charlotte taught English and Emily taught music. After a journey of come and go to Brussels and Haworth, her hometown she finally resides in a boarding school in Haworth when she starts writing two of her novels the “Professor” and “Villette” in which she uses some of her own experiences in Brussels boarding school where she falls in love with Constantin Heger. In 1852 A.B Nickolas who was a curate at Haworth proposed to Charlotte and the proposal was disapproved violently by her father but gradually his opposition failed and although Charlotte didn’t love him and she mostly pitied him, they were married in 1854. In the same year she finds herself pregnant and also sick with pneumonia which was a curable disease she seized upon it (consciously or unconsciously) and she ended her life in 1854.Growing up in Victorian England, Charlotte and her sisters were inspired by the Romantic authors of the time

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