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Jay McClendon 9 September 2014 HIST 2111 - 03 Many people practice the notion that the laws of the land must be obeyed. Any persons that choose to be disobedient of the laws are typically seen as misfits. Marcus Rediker’s, Villains of All Nations, brings us into the golden age of piracy, in which pirates at the time were seen as misfits of every nation. Most pirates had no knowledge or authority within their community, and they lived everyday stealing, looting, and killing, in means to survive. Pirates developed their own tactics of survival, setting forth goals hoping to accomplish and live a life similar to those in power at the time. The majority of societies who are in power impose doctrines that they call law, even though the majority of the said population suffers at trying to meet this set of guidelines causing subcultural societies to develop. With that being said, I will elaborate more in detail in the upcoming sentences to validate my stance. Rediker’s Villains of All Nations brings forth the lives of lawless rebels for examination of this era of piracy. The…show more content…
Piracy was not an occupation that was followed by everyone, but it was an occupation that occurred out of desperation. In class, we have been studying European explorations. As they traveled across the Atlantic Ocean, they faced these pirates who were trying to capture their ships and take tamper with the trade system to gain goods and power. The pirates who were successful at pulling off major heists left such an impression on those in power, that the colonial people eventually adapted some of the pirate’s tactics into their new government, carrying on into the governmental development of today’s society also. All things were once influenced by history; we just never know exactly what may have taken place unless we study to gain the

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