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Villa Ortega’s Puerto Nuevo, Mexico has become famous for its seafood restaurants, not just with locals and American tourists; it is internationally renowned for its local lobster. If you love the beach and you are looking for a place where you can stay with your loved one and have a beautiful time, I have the best option for you. Until now most of the restaurants in Puerto Nuevo were nice but not spectacular. Villa Ortega’s is spectacular and hard to miss with a shark in front of the restaurant. Villa Ortega’s is wonderful for a couple in love. Villa Ortega’s provides a good environment for a romantic date. Villa Ortega’s has two dining area choices. The restaurant can seat up to 500 people in any of the two dining areas. The outside…show more content…
So how does a diner to know which one to choose? Villa Ortega’s has the best food of Puerto Nuevo. Villa Ortega’s provides a wide variety of sea food. Its broad menu includes lobster or shrimp quesadillas, steak and fresh lobster served in its shell, chimichangas (fried lobster burritos) and fish fillet in different presentations. All entrees include a choice of tortilla soup or salad served with vegetables, Mexican rice and beans, and handmade flour tortillas. Customers will have a variety of choices. But if nothing from the food menu really please your particular palate, does not matter. The chef can cook to order. But the main gourmet specialty that has made Villa Ortega’s famous is their unique preparation of lobster. Its traditional way to cook lobster is deep frying, but they are available grilled or steamed upon request. The food in this restaurant is always fresh and it is easy to verify it. If you arrive before nine you will see the boats coming in with the day’s catch. Villa Ortega’s is the only restaurant with a bar. There is a huge boat bar that serves all of your favorite drinks like margarita, piña colada and magui cadillac. The best margaritas that I have tasted are the margaritas from this restaurant. There is a saying that says: “If you order more than one margarita, to make sure have someone else to take you home”. Also, the bar can prepare you a beverage without alcohol.

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