Vigilante and Kennedy

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American Government 1. What were the main differences between Vigilante and Kennedy in terms of personal background, profession, age, and name recognition? These two candidates had many differences as they approached the election for the house seat in Rhode Island. The 39-year old republican physician, Vigilante, ran and lost against the 27-year old democrat, Patrick Kennedy. Patrick had never had another job besides working as state legislature at age 21. As far as name recognition, Patrick Kennedy was the brother of JFK, which made him famous before the campaigning even began. He had all of the inside political connections and majority favor nationally. Vigilante had virtually no political background. He was a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the Brown University School of Medicine and was successful in his career there, but didn’t have political experience. 2. What was the relationship between the candidates’’ ranking in the polls and their ability to raise campaign funds? Kennedy didn’t have to struggle to raise campaign funds. It seemed as if the money to pay for campaigns was never the problem for him, it was more the issue of what to put in them that he struggled with, especially towards the end of the race. He had many contributions throughout his campaign though to help boost his popularity. Vigilante however did have to raise more money. His contributions came primarily from other physicians and medical companies. As the election progressed and Vigilante’s team began to dominate with their campaigning, financial support increased as well. 3. Was negative campaigning the best source of information for the voters? What about the press? It seemed as if the biggest jumps were taken for the candidates individually when they took a blow at the other candidate. Negative campaigning was what gave Vigilante a fighting shot in the
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